Nail Trimming

Every grooming and bath and tidy includes nail trimming. In the past we have offered drop in nail trimming. That service is currently unavailable due to the high-traffic nature of it (it was very popular) and our small space. We had to reconfigure our small entry way due to Covid-19. We intend to offer this service in the future, when we are able to make the adjustments to our grooming schedule and to our entry way with confidence that we will not have to discontinue the service again. We tried to offer it by appointment, but we were having to give up grooming appointments to accommodate it at a loss, and then more than half of the nail trimming appointments weren’t showing up, so we just couldn’t afford to continue offering appointment nail trimming. We’re sorry.

In the meantime, we recommend that, if your dog is cooperative, you learn to trim your dog’s nails at home and do so at least once a month, or that you have them done at the vet, or at one of the pet stores that also offers nail trimming, or at another groomer that has a different set up. Or, if your dog is one who will tolerate grooming and we can fit you into the schedule, we’re happy to book your dog in for a bath and tidy, which includes nail trimming. We hear you, we were low cost and quick, and we will eventually bring this service back. We miss you, your dogs, and the more than 20% of our income that nail trimming provided!

Please don’t let your dog’s nails get this long.

Here is a link to a video of how we trim nails.