Nail Trimming

Every grooming and bath and tidy includes nail trimming. Stand alone nail trimming while you wait can be done if time allows.

Please note, there are a few new conditions for this service:

  • MASKS APPRECIATED BUT NOT REQUIRED. We will continue to wear masks inside the shop ourselves because it’s a small, high traffic space.
  • PARKING. Our spaces are the ones clearly indicated in front of the shop. If they are full, you can park offsite and walk, or come back in a few minutes. You would be waiting anyway, as if our spaces are full, we are dealing with customers and will be done soon. Please do not park in the parking spaces for other businesses in our complex.
  • WAIT AND GIVE SPACE BEFORE ENTERING. The entry is small. If someone else is in there, wait well away from the door and give them space to leave with their dog. Not all dogs enjoy being crowded by other dogs or people, especially in what may be for them a new, stimulating, or stressful situation.
  • DOGS LEASHED AND UNDER CONTROL. We require your dog to be on leash or carried when you bring them in. Please don’t let them jump on our sneeze guard plastic.
  • RIGHT TO REFUSE. If, for any reason, we feel that it is unsafe for your dog, or us to trim your dog’s nails, we won’t. If we are really behind on finishing a grooming, or working with a dog that has special handling needs, we may ask you to come back. This is uncommon, but can happen from time to time.
Please don’t let your dog’s nails get this long.

Here is a link to a video of how we trim nails.