Protocols for Drop Off and Pick Up During Covid-19

With a sharply rising number of Covid-19 cases in BC and rising numbers on Northern Vancouver Island, while itís not time to panic, we canít take the virus lightly and must take all precautions in order to prevent the spread.

When we re-opened after the spring Covid closure, we put in place some pandemic protocols. We have fine-tuned those protocols as the situation changed, and we will continue to do so, adjusting as necessary. As such, we are asking our clients to please review our current pandemic protocols listed below. Please help us to stay open to serve you by abiding by our carefully thought out policies.Please note that we have temporarily suspended our nail trim only service as numbers rise in the province and our PPE, which is different for nails as owners often have to hand dogs directly too us in close contact, is running out and can't be replaced. We will update when we start offering this service again.

1.     Weíre open by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Only those with appointments will be allowed into the shop. Absolutely NO drop-ins for any reason.

2.    Be on time. We are trying to keep everyone safe by scheduling drop off and pick up at specific times to avoid close contact between clients and allow time for cleaning and airing. If you canít make your assigned time, please call to arrange a new one.

3.    Wear a mask. Masks that cover the nose and mouth are required to enter. Please donít ask us to let you in without one. Please donít pull your mask down to talk. Masks with valves are not acceptable as they do not prevent the spread of germs. We wear masks 100% of the time in our shop because we care about you and we care about your dogs. Please wear a mask for the few minutes that you are here.

4.    Please remove all gear Ė leashes, collars, harnesses Ė and take it with you, and put your dog on the other side of the gate in the entry way.

5.      Walk your dog. We donít have time for accident clean up and re-bathing. If your dog does have an accident, we will need to charge a fee for the additional work and cleaning supplies to clean it up.

6.    Keep in person interactions short. Have special instructions or concerns? Call us, even if itís from your car. We love to chat with you and we miss that, but indoor interactions need to be kept to a minimum.

7.     Tap preferred if you are able to keep payment contactless, but we still take VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Debit and Cash. Machine is cleaned after each use and sanitizer is available.

If everyone follows these protocols we can continue to stay open and operating for now. However, we will be assessing the situation as it changes and adjusting as we see fit, which may include another temporary closure or changes to services if numbers continue to rise.

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