Covid-19 Update


May 19 Update:

We're still working on getting our Plexiglas barrier, the fabricator was out of materials and waiting for more. Of course, barriers are in high demand, and we do need a large one, so there is nothing to be done but wait. We are also waiting on another business to do some work on our front door for traffic control, and that's taking some time. We understand that this might be frustrating for you, it's frustrating for us too. We know some of you are anxious for us to get back to work, we're anxious to get back to work too. We're not expecting to open until the end of May at the very soonest while waiting for these alterations to our entryway, and it could be the beginning of June. Thank you for your continued patience.


May 8 Update:

We’re not quite ready to open, but we are working on our plan to return in a way that can maintain social distancing as required, and that is still safe for drop off and pickup of your dog.

For now, this is what we know so far:

-         We will be working by appointment only – absolutely no drop ins for any reason.

-         We have a list of the clients whose appointments were canceled, and we will be calling those clients by priority / in order to schedule a new appointment.

-          At first, appointments will be limited to dogs with long coats who need haircuts for health and comfort. While shedding coats may leave hair around the home, mats and tangles in longer coats can cause severe discomfort and skin conditions, making timely grooming more urgent.

-         For now, we will only be able to serve our current, regular clients whose appointments we have had to cancel and we will not be accepting any new clients.

-          We will not be calling everyone on the list at once, as the list is long and the schedule will require some trial run days and tweaking as we adjust to the new routines, so don’t panic if you don’t hear from us right away. We need to find the right balance of how much work we can do in a day with new routines and sanitizing protocols.

-          Appointments will be booked one client at a time for now so that we don’t have more than one family’s dogs in at a time and in order to reduce traffic. This may mean slightly faster turnover for clients, but it also means that you will need to pick your dog up immediately after we complete the grooming as we want to avoid client overlap.

-          For now, we will NOT be offering our nail trimming only service or any other services that were previously provided on a drop in basis. When we do start offering these services again, they will be by appointment only until there is a vaccine available. We apologize for suspending these popular services for now.

-         We will not be answering the phone as we normally do, instead we will be returning calls either between appointments if there is time, or at the end of the day, so if you need to call us, you may need to leave a message.

-         We are hoping to install a physical barrier on our counter and will be introducing new and very strict protocols for drop off and pick up to eliminate contact and reduce the time each client spends in the shop. We discussed curbside drop off and pickup, but were not satisfied that it could be done safely in this location. Our first priority is everyone’s safety, including that of your dog.

-         Only one customer will be allowed in the shop at a time. This will be strictly enforced, so you will need to choose a designated family member to drop off and pick up your pet. We strongly encourage you to wear a mask for your safety and ours.

It will take us awhile to adjust to the hopefully temporary new normal, and we will make adjustments to our scheduling as we work out the kinks. We know some of the changes may be frustrating at times for our clients. Please understand that it will be challenging for us too, and that we will be doing our best, working in a whole new way, with a significant reduction in revenue and increased expenses. Due to an underlying medical condition, we need to take every precaution. We will likely still feel some anxiety about returning to work. We really appreciate your patience and understanding, and we thank you so very much in advance for complying with our new protocols. We hope that you stay safe and healthy and look forward to seeing each of you however briefly at a distance in the near future.

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