Helpful Links

Thoughtful Paws Blog - Posts on grooming topics - nails, double coated dogs, senior dogs etc.
Chianti's Blog - Angela's blog about training our dog
Canadian Kennel Club - A good place to find information about choosing your next dog
Association of Island Obedience Clubs - Information about Vancouver Island Obedience events and clubs
American Kennel Club - An excellent place to begin your research on what breed might be a good fit for you
Broken Promises Rescue - An excellent Vancouver Island Rescue
Forbidden Plateau Obedience & Tracking Club - A local Club offering Obedience training
Roadsters Agility - A local Club offering Agility training
The Naughty Dogge (Obedience & Behavior training - Victoria Area)
Heads Up Dog Training (Retriever / Competition Obedience Training - Merville Area)
Canuck Dogs - An excellent resource for finding Health Testing, seminars, Trials,Tests, and dog shows in your area
Dog Trainer's Workshop - Articles on Training Your dog.
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